Updates During Covid-19

The safety of our customers and the community is our top priority.

How have we adapted: At this time we have postponed and/or canceled all events. Our sales have been limited to eggs, Farmyard Fun Packs for children, pick your own tulips, potted plants and garden plots.

Tickets: Guests must follow social distancing protocol and stay in compliance with all regulations required by officials. If you have purchased tickets for a Farmyard event, please hold on to that ticket. It will serve as a voucher when business returns to normal.

Supporting our business: Many have asked how they can support us at this time. Along with the items listed above, we offer a sponsorship program. Please consider becoming a sponsor. The care of our animals will always remain our top priority regardless of the challenges COVID-19 poses.

We are thankful for this strong community and the members who have found ways to support local businesses. Although we wish we could be hosting events, we are not discouraged! Upgrades and changes are always happening at The Farmyard, including the new beehives that were installed this week! Here are some positive pictures for everyone to enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Updates During Covid-19”

  1. Hi I’m Ellen
    I spoke with you about a possible gourd art class. I see that announcement is gone. Is it Off the schedule?


    1. Hi Ellen! Thank you for asking. We still plan on having our classes, but they have all been postponed due to COVID-19. We have saved your number and will contact you and our other gourd class guests as soon as the class can be rescheduled. Stay safe!


    2. Hi Ellen! It has been determined that we will be hosting a gourd class on August 21st. As soon as we have details from Benjamin’s Landing (our co-host) we will post tickets and an image of the design. Thank you for your interest!


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