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Renee Wilson is the owner of The Farmyard. She began riding at age 9 and convinced her father that a black and white pony would “blend in with the cows.” Growing up, she and her sister enjoyed trail riding and competing at local fun shows. She also rode for the University of Florida’s Western Equestrian team in college. When she returned home, she dabbled in driving and enjoys taking her percheron out for pleasure drives.

Photo Cred: Fran J Scott
Emily Stanton attended Wilson College where she received a degree in Equine Studies. As a child, she was known as “Bareback Emily” because she had such great balance and often rode horses without a saddle when competing in fun shows! She has experience caring for horses, desensitizing them, and assisting with breeding programs. She has also worked with the foals at Hanover Shoes Farms. 

  • Equine Safety
  • Grooming
    • How to groom
    • Proper tools & their purposes
    • Styles for disciplines
  • Groundwork
    • Understand equine body language
    • Applying proper commands & timing
    • Creating a bond between horse & human
  • Riding
    • Understanding disciplines
    • Learning equine body language
    • Applying proper cues
    • Learning gaits
    • Improving horsemanship

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Coming This Winter

In the spring of 2021 The Farmyard introduced its Children’s Book Series. Whistle, our Percheron gelding will be the next featured animal.

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