Farmyard Books for Children

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Lyndsey Stavely was born and raised in Cockeysville, Maryland. She and her husband, Mark, moved to York County, Pennsylvania. Lyndsey and her family stumbled across The Farmyard and it became “their thing” to do. She decided to write about the adventures they encountered on the farm.


Renee Wilson is the owner of The Farmyard, LLC. She grew up on her family’s fourth-generation dairy farm in Parkton, Maryland where she found her passion for sharing her experience of “life on the farm” with others. She graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Telecommunications and returned to the farm shortly after.

Have you seen Steve?

Steve is one of the founders of The Farmyard. He plays a role “behind the scenes” to make sure events are running smoothly, animals are well cared for and the property is maintained…. unless you find him at the wheel of one of his fantastic hayrides. Children can find Steve behind the scenes in every book.

Available Books

A Rescue for Rhonda is a story of a chicken who learns a valuable lesson of putting the happiness of others above her own. After a traumatic experience, she finds a new meaning of acceptance. For ages 3-8.

Nancy, The Hen that Wouldn’t Stay in Her Pen! This fun, rhyming book shares tales of our favorite Farmyard trouble maker. Readers will chuckle as they follow along a “normal day” for Nancy. You never know what she will get into next! For ages 3-8.


Assemblies & Book Signings

We now offer in-person or virtual assembly registrations. Nancy and Rhonda often make an appearance during these events. If you would like to schedule a visit or virtual meeting, please complete the form below. Prices vary depending on distance of travel and length of visit. A bulk discount is available for large groups. Guests can also book a field trip to The Farmyard and visit the animals in person!

Coming This Winter

A Bell & a Whistle

This is a story of Whistle, one of the Farmyard Fans’ favorite animals and his journey to The Farmyard.