Pumpkin Planting for Kids

For our Pumpkin Planting Families (who planted a pumpkin in July). The majority of the pumpkins will be ready for our Farmyard Fall Days on the 27th. Your children will be able to decorate their pumpkin for free. If you have any questions, please send us a message!

Hands-on experiences are the most memorable! Children get to learn how pumpkins grow. They plant their seeds in the beginning of July and will continue to check on them for the following two and a half months. The pumpkins will be ready for harvest before Halloween and can be decorated at The Farmyard before they go home. Here are some pictures from last year!

July 13th & 14th Planting Day

Mid September – Pumpkins are Green

Frieda sits proudly on her pumpkin.

Pumpkins to be painted during Farmyard Fall Days – October 27th

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