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The Community has raised over $63,000 to keep us in Parkton!

Now’s your chance to make your mark on The Farmyard 2.0 with our BUY A BOARD Program!

Celebrate an occasion, advertise a business, share an inspirational quote or honor someone. Boards are $100 and will be on display for everyone to see!

1/1/22 The Farmyard’s new location will be 21159 Old York Rd, Parkton MD 21120. All donations will be put toward the rebuild. We plan to host a Grand Opening on May 21st. Private events and pop-up activities may occur prior. Birthday parties will resume on May 25th.

12/09 The Farmyard will remain in Parkton. The exact location is to be determined. We are continuing to raise funds. All funds will be applied toward the purchase of property or a rebuild.

We will be working with The Land Preservation Trust, Inc. for charitable donations. Details TBA.

Checks can be made to The Farmyard LLC and mailed to 21159A Old York Rd, Parkton MD 21120

Colby, Age 8, rolled and donated the coins from his piggy bank to help save The Farmyard.

Nolan, Age 9, brought his “own” money to The Farmyard’s Pop-Up Christmas Shop. He would only spend his $170 on items that would “directly go to help save The Farmyard.” He also told Santa he wants The Farmyard saved for Christmas.

Testimonies –

“Let me just start out by saying how upset we were to hear the news of the potential closure of The Farmyard, the place we have been calling home for over 2 years now. The place that was and still is our saving grace during this terrible pandemic. It was our safe place. Our place where we could go and let our children truly explore. A place where they could learn about agriculture and the everyday tasks of running a farm. The place where they were able to feed, pet and run around with the animals. My children grew to love this place tremendously. Every day my oldest daughter would ask me to take her to the farm. She wanted to see Mrs. Renee, Farmer Steve and her baby animals. She grew to love them and admire them. They have been and truly are some of the sweetest people we have ever met. Such a down-to-earth family and truly want to share their love and knowledge about agriculture and farming with the children who truly need it. Especially during this day and age where the internet/social media is trying to take the fun out of being a child. The farm is a place that the kids can explore. It gets them away from the internet, from their gaming systems, TV etc and lets them be in touch with the world. Let’s them be outside in nature and just explore. Which is what we need from this generation. We need to teach our children to love the world and in order for that to happen they have to be in touch with it. The farmyard has given my children just that and more. The opportunities that the farmyard has to offer are endless. My daughter was looking forward to participating in the chore chart next year, now that she will be old enough. And one day we hoped to have both of our girls take riding lessons from Renee. 
Renee has truly grown this farm into one of a kind. There is nothing else like this and will ever be! My heart truly breaks knowing that all of her hard work is potentially going to the wayside. I wish there was more that we can do to help change the mind of those in charge! 
With all that being said, I truly hope that one day you are able to see that the farmyard is more than just a farm. It’s a place that many call their second home. It’s a place where people feel safe and feel loved. It’s a place where parents can bring their children to learn about farming and agriculture. 
If there is only one thing you take away from this please remember this phrase…
“This isn’t just any farm, it’s The Farmyard.”
Kind regards,
Forever Patrons of the Farmyard” – Stefanie

“As many of you may know, our family loves to go to “the farm”, better known as The Farmyard. We have enjoyed countless hours there between visits, farm chores, birthday parties, Girl Scout trips, and horseback riding lessons. For the past two years we’ve been able to sponsor some animals that the kids love to call their own. Not only has Renee Wilson and her family become like family to us, but visiting the farm has helped immensely with confidence, responsibility and sensory regulation for my 4 special needs kids. Harper has been able to put her rigidness for following rules to good use with her horseback riding, which has built her confidence and bravery in leaps and bounds. Oliver is set to do riding lessons next season to help his balance in hopes it will aid on him learning how to walk someday. Having jobs at the farm has helped all the kids to gain some responsibility, and has helped Noah and Piper to burn energy and regulate their bodies which helps greatly with their behavioral challenges. The animal snuggles have worked wonders for all of us. I can’t imagine not having this home away from home to bring the kids to anymore and so I’m asking for your help…Renee and her family have been told they need to purchase the land where The Farmyard is located in a very short amount of time. It’s going to be a huge undertaking and the whole community is needed to save the farm. I know it’s right in the middle of the holidays, but if you have anything to spare, please consider donating to help the Wilson Family with this purchase. You will not only be helping the Wilson family and the animals, you will also be helping countless families like mine who look forward to these farm visits as an escape from the challenging times we’ve all been dealing with lately. I will be making this post public so even if you can’t donate (or in addition to your donation) please share this with your family and friends so we have the greatest chances of saving the home for our Farmyard friends.” – April

12/6 Our Online Auction has ended.

  • 143 listed itmes
  • 67 donors

November 24, 2021

Dear Farmyard Family,

As the owner of The Farmyard, I have been tasked with the challenge of purchasing the property at 21133 Old York Road in Parkton, Maryland. It is currently co-owned by two parties – my father, Steve, and my grandmother’s trust. Due to unresolvable differences between family members, The Farmyard property will undergo a forced sale on December 8th.

We are unable to bear this financial burden on our own. I am reaching out to our community, or as many of our patrons know it as “The Farmyard Family,” to help us take on this uphill climb. We anticipate the appraisal to exceed $1 million of which we have to generate 50 percent.

I grew up on the dairy farm next door to The Farmyard, attended St. James Academy in Monkton and graduated from Hereford High School in 2012. I was 22 years old when I returned from college and started a little roadside stand. Since 2016, it has grown into an amazing resource for families to learn and experience agriculture. I have had the privilege of watching many children (and adults) become familiar with livestock, knowledgeable about the agriculture industry and connected to farmers in the area. Despite a pandemic, The Farmyard proved to be a safe place for people to visit.

Some of you may have fond memories of attending on-farm events, enjoying snowballs at The Farmyard Freeze, celebrating a birthday, watching your child participate in our Farm School and Chore Chart programs or simply visiting the animals. The Farmyard has never charged admission fees during our regular hours of operation because I want families to have the opportunity to spend time on the farm and enjoy the experiences I had growing up as a “farm kid.” The Farmyard has grown into so much more than a business. Some visitors have gone as far as to call it their “happy place.” In 2021 alone, The Farmyard accomplished the following:

  • Expanded its team to more than 40 volunteers
  • Welcomed over 3,000 guests
  • Provided educational programs to more than 500 children
  • Helped 10 high school students aquire service, SAE and/or internship hours
  • Lead 200 educational hayrides
  • Partnered with over 50 small businesses
  • Welcomed more than 1 million honeybees from Baltimore Bee Company, which produced 200 lbs+ of honey
  • Published three children’s books
  • Helped the American Landscape Institute raise more than $7000 during the ALI Plant Sale

None of these accomplishments would have been possible without the support from our community. Kindness and generosity are contagious in our Farmyard Family. We’ve even had anonymous donors purchase tickets, gift cards and riding lessons for strangers that couldn’t afford them.

Over the past six years, The Farmyard has become a special place for many. If you would like to see this business stay in Parkton, we need your help. Please see the donation link below, and if you cannot donate financially…

  • Donate your time. Write a letter of support to our family, have your child draw a picture or offer a hand during one of our fundraisers.
  • Donate your words. Tell a friend or someone who might be interested in joining us in this effort.
  • Donate a photo. Share on social media and use these hashtags – #lovemyfarmyardfamily #savethefarmyardmaryland

My team and I will do everything in our power to continue to operate The Farmyard, but we can’t do it without you.

Yours truly,

Renee Wilson

Farmyard Owner

Our team is working to develop fundraising opportunities given this short window of time.

Donations will be collected during our Pop-Up Christmas Shop.

Participate in our Online Auction (November 27th-December 6th)

If you would like additional information regarding this matter. Please email

“I have been blessed to give families in the community amazing opportunities over the last six years. It has been a pleasure watching hundreds of children benefit from our programs and experiences at The Farmyard. If members in the community decide that they want to see The Farmyard continue and can financially support this option, I will do everything in my ability to continue operating the business. If this is not possible, I will be forever grateful for those who supported this small dream and the wonderful memories we have created. Ultimately, we have made wonderful progress for Maryland Agriculture.”

– Renee Wilson, Farmyard Business Owner
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