About The Farmyard

The Farmyard provides people of the community an opportunity to come in touch with local agriculture.

The stand is “kid-friendly” and welcoming to all. Anyone can come see animals, enjoy spending time in a field, go on a carriage ride, hunt for the perfect items to take home and learn more about the industry.

The Farmyard is owned and operated by The Wilson Family. The Wilsons have been involved in agriculture for generations and wanted to share their experiences with everyone! Renée and Steve started the stand in September of 2016 when Renée came back from college. They began with a few animals, hayrides and pumpkins for the fall and their project has become a year-round adventure. Many customers know him as “Farmer Steve” because of his dairy farming career and wealth of knowledge of the industry.

Renée, Steve, Kelly and Haley in front of a “garden arch.” The arch will have green plants covering it during the summer months.

Kelly began making homemade SOAPS for the 2017 spring season and Haley paints slates. The entire family works to run the stand on weekends. They are joined by Nana, Kelly’s mother. Nana decorates wreaths, knits scarves and helps customers with any questions they may have. And then there’s Ben. Ben is the handy man! He and Steve tackle any construction, demolition, fixer-upper job there is!

Workshop 1
Ben and Steve putting together nesting boxes for the 30 layer hens.

In 2016, Renée Wilson and her family started The Farmyard to provide the community with opportunities to learn about the agriculture industry and share experiences of life on the farm.

Growing up on a 250-acre farm, Renée and her sister, Haley, enjoyed giving farm tours to local schools, serving as advocates for agriculture and bringing their animals to community events. Like many children, animals were a highlight for the girls. They learned valuable life lessons of responsibility, hard work, and animal husbandry.

Their father, Steve, operated the family dairy farm, which at the peak of the business, housed more than 600 animals. He and his wife Kelly, encouraged the girls to share their love with the community by taking their passion a step forward through The Farmyard and help families develop a love and understanding of farm animals too.