Hatching Ducklings

Thank you to everyone who supported our stand for the winter! We will be closed until the spring. While we wait for the sunshine and warmer weather, we will be posting online updates about what’s happening at The Farmyard. Here’s the first one!

Our female duck has been laying eggs every day since December. This is not an ideal time for ducks to hatch eggs because of the cold. She hasn’t been sitting on them. So, we have collected the eggs and placed them in an incubator in hopes that the eggs are fertile and will hatch. Follow our Facebook page for updates.

Open For Winter

We’re back at it! Trees, wreaths and holiday decorations are in the barn. As always, we encourage you to come see our animals. The goat above is Trixie. She is a 7-year-old retired 4-H dairy goat. She and her friend, Beatrice, have joined The Farmyard.

The Move

As many have probably seen, we’ve been busy relocating our stand to a warmer, more permanent, place. The barn that had a “Welcome To Greece” sign is getting some TLC. Our team has cleared out the old straw and hay from the barn. Now we’re on to replacing the floor!

While the barn is under renovation, we are still up and running. Christmas trees and wreaths are here! Our trees include: Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, Douglas Fir and Scott Pine. The wreaths are 18in and 22in. They can be purchased plain or decorated.

There are new animals joining The Farmyard next weekend. The big horse (pictured above) is Whistle. He will be pulling our carriage for the season. There will be various “meet and greets” with him throughout the season. If you’re interested in carriage rides, call or stop by the stand to book a date!

Last Fall Weekend

We want to thank everyone who has stopped by The Farmyard this season. The amount of community support is incredible! It has even encouraged us to do another season. WE WILL HAVE WINTER ITEMS AND ACTIVITIES! To prepare for Christmas trees, wreaths, carriage rides and more, we will be closed until the end of November. We look forward to seeing everyone again. There will be additional information on our Facebook page and website soon.

Field Trips & More

We had a great time seeing everyone this week and hosting a field trip on Thursday! Thank you to everyone who came out to the stand. We love seeing familiar and new faces. As always, Farmer Steve’s hayrides were a favorite activity at The Farmyard this weekend. We will have many items on sale next weekend and plan to open on Halloween!

*Notice: Chester, the calf, may be in a costume*

What a Weekend!

The beautiful weather this weekend was great for pictures and Farmyard activities!  Chester, the bull calf, basked in the sun and Buff, the miniature horse, stuffed herself with tasty treats. We have added some new items to the list as well. We hope the painted pumpkins and slates spark your holiday spirit. Thank you to all who came out! We look forward to seeing you next weekend! Stay tuned for what we have planned for the change in seasons. It’s not over yet!!!

Growing Everyday

We continue to add items and animals to The Farmyard! This week we incorporated two rabbits and a miniature pony. Pigs are on the way! We also added hand-painted wood pumpkins (they are great door stoppers) and picnic tables! The tables are available in different sizes. Our favorite, The Kid’s Table, has the perfect box to store toys, sand or corn. The removable lid allows children to use it just like a picnic table. See you next weekend!

On the weekend

Looking for something fun to do with your family and friends during the fall season? Come see our animal display, check out the Indian corn and other items at the stand or go on a hayride! Our rides will run on the hour from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

*Fun fact – We, like most, use straw for our hayrides. It is typically lighter in weight, more comfortable to sit on and more appealing to the eye.*

There will be opportunities to take pictures with the farm animals. It’ll be a great way to spice this year’s holiday/family photo!

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