Professional Photographer Pass

Are you a professional photographer looking for a beautiful place to take pictures with unique backgrounds and a farming feel? Take advantage of The Farmyard atmosphere! We have fields, fences, agricultural items, animals and more to add to your photos.


Professional Photographers may pay per session or purchase a Professional Photographer’s Pass for the entire season (call for pricing). There is a limited number of season passes distributed each year.

Pass perks:

  • Unlimited sessions from April-October for a set price
  • Changing environments based on the season (tulips, sunflower patches, zinnias, corn field, alfalfa fields)

Farmyard Season Pass Holder Rules

  • Passes may not be shared with other photographers.
  • The pass holder must bring the pass with them for every photo shoot or session.
  • The pass holder may be asked to present the pass at anytime while on Farmyard property. If the holder cannot present a pass, The Farmyard staff reserves the right to ask the individual to leave.
  • The carrier must notify The Farmyard more than 24 hours before a scheduled session.
  • All pass carriers are expected to treat each other with respect and kindness.
  • If Farmyard items or property are damaged during a photo shoot, the photographer will be held liable.

Please note: If The Farmyard’s staff suspects an individual of taking pictures for profit and the individual has not paid for a session or pass, The Farmyard staff reserves the right to ask the individual to pay, cease taking pictures or leave the premises. If you have questions please call 443-895-0900 or message us on Facebook.

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