Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides

Farmyard Winter Cariage Rides 2018

We have three Percheron horses that pull carriages and wagons – Holly, Dorris & Whistle. Each have a different personality and all are “loveable.” Our drivers will take you through an open field with bells jingling all the way.

Children are welcome to participate and we will open up our front seat next to the driver if they want a front row ride. If you’re looking to take your sweetheart on the ride, let us know. We have a couple tricks up our sleeve!  There will be Christmas-related activities on both days as well (a pop-up shop on the 8th & 9th and Christmas Caroling on the 15th).

It is $10 per rider. We can take up to 5 people per ride.

Fill out the form below to reserve a ride for this December. We will send you a confirmation text and coordinate a time. Please note, this is a weather permitting activity.

We are also taking event reservations (weddings, parties, etc) for 2019!


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