Farmyard Corn Maze Fact 5

STOP 5 : Farm-based Learning

Why is there a chicken decoration in the maze?!? Naughty Nancy, our infamous Buff Orpington hen, is always getting into trouble. In December, this decoration moves throughout the farm for children to find when they drive by … one of the many ways we like to encourage children to get involved.

The Farmyard also offers birthday parties, field trips, educational hayrides, homeschool days and FARM SCHOOL! Many of which are coordinated by our Education Director, Amy Vaughan-Roland.

Amy joined The Farmyard Family during the pandemic. Her background in agriculture, education, and passion to teach children, made her the perfect fit! She quickly developed an educational program that gave families the flexibility to learn outside of a classroom. These 8-week series are offered throughout the year for children ages 4-13. Learn more HERE.

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