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Salsa Garden Vegetable Project

The Farmyard is looking for families interested in growing vegetables to make homemade salsa by participating in our Salsa Garden Vegetable Project. Young gardeners will grow their own fresh produce in a small space, learn how to care for their plants and use their vegetables to create homemade salsa after vegetables have been harvested. 

The Farmyard will provide a raised bed for each participating family including soil, plants, and instructions to complete the project. At the end of the season, we will host a Salsa Party where families can share their salsa recipes and creations. Space is limited. Registration is due by April 1, 2023. Cost for registration is $30 per family. 


Appropriate for children ages 4-12, participants learn about the care we provide to our animals and the responsibilities on a farm. They will receive exclusive access to select animal pens and special animal encounters. Families can book a 4-week session with half-hour intervals ($50) or an individual hour-long session for a single day ($25).

Learning About Livestock

Our 2023 Livestock Program is sold out. However, families can participate in our Chore Chart Program or visit our exhibitors at the fair to learn more about the program for 2024.

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