Children’s Activities

Final Chores

Appropriate for children ages 4-12, participants learn about the care we provide to our animals and the responsibilities on a farm. They will receive exclusive access to select animal pens and special animal encounters. Families can book a 4-week session with half-hour intervals ($50) or an individual hour-long session for a single day ($25).

Children accompany a Farmyard staff member and must wear closed-toe shoes.

Beginning Oct 2

Learning About Livestock

New for 2022, our Livestock Program has been a popular option for children 5 and older. We work with 5 nearby farms to offer children hands-on experiences showing livestock (rabbits, poultry, dairy cattle, sheep, goats and pigs) at local fairs. For a series of months, children work with “their animals” to understand the importance of animal husbandry, hard work and the skills required to take the animal to a show. Please note, we are SOLD OUT for this season, but will be accepting new families in November for 2023. Please complete the form below to learn more.

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