Pick Your Own – Flowers

Throughout the year we offer a variety of fresh flowers.

Currently In Season : Zinnias

Bring your own scissors and cut some of our beautiful zinnias (2 for $1). Be sure to visit the snowball stand for directions and payment information. Find our hours here!

Sunflowers due to bloom in the beginning of September!
Visit us in the Spring of 2021 for Tulips

2 thoughts on “Pick Your Own – Flowers”

  1. I have a 2 year old grandson who loves being at the farms with cows and horses. I know you have days to make reservations. Is there a limit to the number of the group?


    1. Hi Michelle! There is no limit on the number of the group for private bookings. You’re also welcome to come during our general hours on Wed&Thur 3-7pm and Fri-Sun 12-7pm (valid through Nov. 1)


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