Another Patch of Sunflowers Around the Corner

What a summer we are having! We are so glad to share our flower patches with everyone. Our zinnias are still in bloom and we have a SECOND sunflower patch scheduled to bloom in Mid-September! You can like our Facebook page to get the latest updates. Deedra Prigel will be holding professional photo sessions during that week. (Remember, sunflowers are only “pretty” for about 7-10 days.) Like last time, you can cut your own sunflowers! We plan to harvest the sunflowers and package the seeds for bird seed.

Have you met our latest additions? Tom and Tina, our Bourbon Red Turkeys, are working on a nest. If you ask anyone who has stopped by lately, we’re sure they’ll say “he’s quite chatty.” He loves to gobble! If you’re looking for a Thanksgiving turkey (Tom and Tina do NOT fall into this category), we will have “Farmyard Fresh” Turkeys available. A reservation form and additional information are coming soon!


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