5/12 UPDATE – CLOSED 5/13

We will be closed on May 13th.

Despite the poor weather, we add something new every week to The Farmyard! This week we put tin on “The Hen House.” Once the house is “predator proof,” the chickens will be in place and we will begin sharing the Collect-Your-Own-Eggs experience! The nesting boxes are pictured above. More than 25 laying hens will leave their eggs in these boxes for our customers. We hope to have chickens in The Hen House pen full-time starting next weekend. Farm Fresh Eggs are always available. You can place your order for eggs at anytime using our form on our Straight From the Farm Page.

We also created our third arch this week. Corbin, our Border Collie, felt the need to help. So, naturally we had to include a picture! For the arches, we have planted a variety of climbing flowers and vegetables, which are just beginning to take over. These flowers will be perfect for pictures and the vegetables can be harvested this summer.

As for indoors, Nana has been knitting spring scarves. She is happy to work on requests. Kelly’s soaps have continued to gain popularity. She has been swamped! We thank you for your orders. Keep them coming!

Families can begin working in their garden plots NEXT weekend! If you would like to reserve a plot for the season, simply send us a message. Here are the current options:

$20 for 15ft x 20ft without weed barrier
$35 for 15ft x 20ft with weed barrier

We’re crossing our fingers for Sunday’s weather to turn around! Hope to see you then.

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