The Move

As many have probably seen, we’ve been busy relocating our stand to a warmer, more permanent, place. The barn that had a “Welcome To Greece” sign is getting some TLC. Our team has cleared out the old straw and hay from the barn. Now we’re on to replacing the floor!

While the barn is under renovation, we are still up and running. Christmas trees and wreaths are here! Our trees include: Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, Douglas Fir and Scott Pine. The wreaths are 18in and 22in. They can be purchased plain or decorated.

There are new animals joining The Farmyard next weekend. The big horse (pictured above) is Whistle. He will be pulling our carriage for the season. There will be various “meet and greets” with him throughout the season. If you’re interested in carriage rides, call or stop by the stand to book a date!

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